Project Highlight: CCSB@V

Project start/end dates: May, 2010 to January, 2011.
Highlights: Drupal 6 implementation, using CCK, Views, Flowplayer. Include a complete custom collaborative intranet module named co|LAB.

The Center for Cancer Systems Biology at Vanderbilt University is the proud successor of the Vanderbilt Integrative Cancer Biology Center (VICBC). After a successful 5-yr governmental funding, the VICBC accomplishments secured a new 5-yr funding cycle with a new direction: the CCSB@V.

Accordingly, the Studios DJ-music capitalized on the new Vanderbilt web identity being implemented throughout the campus to create the CCSB@V design. Completely driven by Drupal, the new website include a custom-designed intranet (co|LAB) where scientists can log to exchange documents, build grant proposals and work on publications.