Project Highlight: CQS

Project start/end dates: November, 2011 to present.
Highlights: Drupal 7 implementation, using CCK, Panels, Views and Views Slideshow.

The Center for Quantitative Sciences (CQS) at Vanderbilt University decided on adopting Drupal for its new Center's website, mainly for its user management power and ability for in-site editing of the content.

For this project, we developed custom code to allow for a different website functions depending of the users: managing their professional profile, accessing and editing the working groups they belong to, or simply accessing the latest news from the Center. We also provided a link to the University news feed and an automatically generated link for each Center members to the scholarly PubMed.

Overall, the CQS website was implemented with the main goal of enabling the site administrators: a custom administration page was created to overlay the Drupal admin links relevant to content and user administration.