Project Highlight: PEUC

Project start/end dates: September, 2008 to December, 2010.
The PEUC website is no longer live.
Highlights: Drupal 6 implementation, using CCK, Views, and custom modules.

The Protein Expression Users' Club (PEUC) was a research core at Vanderbilt University Medical Center dedicated in bringing mammal protein expression at cost.

We implemented the PEUC website using Drupal, and custom-developed a project management system: the website is the one stop for users to place their orders and follow-up on them, and for the core administrators to manage the core.

In 2009, the core administration passed to the Vanderbilt Monoclonal Antibody Core (VMAC), and we have been working to integrate the two cores in a new website: the Vanderbilt Antibody & Protein Resource (VAPR).