Project Highlight: Studios DJ-music

Project start/end dates: February, 1996 to present.
Highlights: Drupal 7 implementation, using CCK, Views and Views Slideshow.

The Studios DJ-music project was started in 1996 from Paris, France. Designed to showcase the creativity of Jerome Jourquin, it evolved into a platform promoting New-Age music, while going through six major redesigns.

Today, the Studios DJ-music are operating from Nashville, Tennessee, and are primarily focused on offering web design and implementation at a lower cost. Expert in developing around the open-source content management system Drupal, we believe in creating user-friendly interfaces, and in using Drupal to put our clients in charge of their own website management.

Our website is currently in its 7th transformation: a 100% Drupal-implementation with a custom-designed project management interface. In the meantime, you can visit our old, outdated website.