Project Highlight: VAPR

Project start/end dates: June, 2009 to November, 2011.
Highlights: Drupal 6 implementation, using CCK, Views, and custom modules.

The Vanderbilt Antibody & Protein Resource (VAPR) is a research core at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Arising from the fusion between the Vanderbilt Monoclonal Antibody Core (VMAC) and the Protein Expression User Club (PEUC), it needed a redesign to establish its new identify.

The Studios DJ-music were brought on this project because of their work in designing and implementing the PEUC website. Following the same approach as for the PEUC, we developed a Drupal website that will satisfy both the users and the core administrators. For the former, we simplify the website design to enhance the experience in submitting and following projects. For the latter, we developed another layer-hidden from the users-for managing the projects, including commenting and billing.