Project Highlight: VICBC

Project start/end dates: November, 2004 to May, 2010.
Highlights: HTML/CSS implementation, with some PHP/SQL custom functions, and a small Drupal 6 intranet site.

The Vanderbilt Integrative Cancer Biology Center (VICBC) was created in 2004, funded by a 5-yr grant from the National Cancer Institute. This multi-disciplinary Center featured a team of scientists at different locations.

The VICBC website was essential to the success of the Center. We created a three-layer interface: 1) the public interface with press releases, news and events, and tutorials, 2) the scientific interface with methods, projects and aims, and 3) the intranet interface where the Center's scientists and collaborators can exchange information and data, and which was implemented using Drupal

In 2009, the Center's fundings were renewed for an additional 5-yr period, but with a new direction, the VICBC was transformed into the Center for Cancer Systems Biology at Vanderbilt (CCSB@V).